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Looking for a beautiful and welcoming space to host your next baby shower, wedding reception, birthday party, or any other special occasion? Look no further than Naples Brunch! We offer a warm ambiance, flexible arrangements, and delicious catering options to make your celebration unforgettable.

Read on to learn more about renting our space, our services, and how we can help create a magical experience for you and your guests.

Thank you for your interest in hosting your event at Naples Brunch! We are delighted that you're considering our space and appreciate the opportunity to be part of your special occasion!

Rental Details:

Please note that our restaurant closes at 3:00 PM. The space will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for your use anytime after 4:00 PM.


Dining space rental fee: $198 per hour (3-hour minimum) Minimum deposit: $250 due one week before the event (payable by cash, Zelle, credit card, or check). The remaining balance can be settled at the end of the event once we calculate the adjusted total hours.

Our Services:

We are happy to take care of cleaning the floors and disposing of garbage after your event. We kindly ask that you leave the furniture and equipment in their original positions and the space as clean as possible. The rental fee includes access to the dining area, patio, and restrooms.

Decoration Flexibility:

We understand that you may want to personalize the space for your event. Feel free to decorate or rearrange the dining room furniture to create the perfect atmosphere for your occasion. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your celebration at Naples Brunch!

Food Options:

To make your event planning even easier, we offer two catering options:

  1. Naples Brunch Catering: Select delicious brunch and appetizer options from our curated catering menu. We can set up a buffet to suit your preferences.

  2. Bring Your Own Food: You are welcome to bring your own food and appetizers for your event. Please note that we cannot offer kitchen access for food preparation or reheating.

Next Steps:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information. We are happy to help you choose the best food option for your event and ensure your celebration at Naples Brunch is a success.





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